Bellevue, WA, Orthodontics

Our skilled and experienced medical staff is here for you and your family to provide superior Bellevue, WA, orthodontics! Read on to learn more about our orthodontic services. Additionally, discover the many benefits of receiving orthodontic treatment.

What Are Orthodontics?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between dental and orthodontic care? In truth, both help patients maintain happy and healthy smiles. However, orthodontic services primarily focus on a patient’s bite and alignment rather than decay or other oral health complications. More specifically, orthodontic treatment ensures your teeth are straight and your bite is well-aligned.

Examples of orthodontic care include braces and clear aligners such as Invisalign. These orthodontic services can eliminate chronic tooth pain stemming from bite-related problems such as clenching and grinding. Other common issues that orthodontics can solve include protruding teeth, excessive gaps and spacing, and crowded teeth. Importantly, many orthodontic treatments are ongoing and extend well past the dentist’s office. It is very important for patients to continue to wear a custom-molded retainer each night to prevent bite misalignment or nocturnal grinding after the completion of orthodontic treatment.

Why Choosing the Right Orthodontic Care Matters

Did you know that not every dentist has the experience and equipment necessary to conduct many common orthodontic services? Thankfully, Dr. Huynh and his staff are certified and trained to provide the very best Bellevue, WA, orthodontics.

Ensure you and your family have the best possible dental care by contacting our friendly team today! Learn more about the benefits of orthodontic care, regardless of your age, and book your own appointment with our eager and approachable staff. Or consider one of our many excellent dental treatments available here at Bellevue Hilltop Dental.